2008 Celebrating the major refurbishment of the Playingfield

Opened on 5th May 2008 following a major refurbishment project run by Friends of Bealings Playingfield, the facility is now thriving.

The Playingfield Design was developed by Landscape Architect Giles Hill of LDSP Land and Sculpture Design Partnership. Follow the project story by reading our Project Recap in Words and Images The records of project meetings is held on www.greatbealings.co.uk

The Honourable Jill Ganzoni and Roger Roseboom opening the Sports Court on May 5th 2008.

Roger Roseboom, then Chairman of Bealings Village Hall with Jenny Shaw Project Officer and Jill Ganzoni as the first Bealings Games are about to start.

Follow the progress of the development through its Project Newsletters listed here.

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